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Why Farmers Choose FamilyFarms Group

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Family farms today need, more than ever, to enhance profit, reduce risk, and build value to be able to grow, compete, and drive success for current and future generations. FamilyFarms Group keeps families on the farm by helping members build the most profitable and sustainable operation possible, positioning them for multi-generational success. 

FamilyFarms Group has been helping farmers find success and keep their businesses on track for the future. See what some of our members have to say about the benefits of working with our farming experts. 

Billie Danner, Danner Farms Inc.

"When I saw the benefits in the way they were presented, I felt like it was worth it, and I felt like, you know, the big decision was for any operation, any family operation going on out here is is this operation gonna be here 50 years from now, 100 years from now, 150 years from now. 

"You know, if there’s no kids interested, if there’s nobody following up behind you, then you’ve really gotta question the things that you’re doing to create the legacy, to have the continuation of the operation. Do you want to be that operation, or do you want to be an operation that fades in the next five, 10, 10 years, 50 years?" 

Cathy Sladek, JCS Family Farms

"On the farm was okay the way we had it for Jim [Sladek] and I, but if there was any longevity, we knew we needed some professional guidance and structure to take it from a family farm to a family farming business." 

Jim Sladek, JCS Family Farms

"I joined with the hope that we could develop our organization that would provide the potential for our business to be a legacy business that we could pass to our grandchildren and would make us more competitive." 

Rachel Kosler, Wallendal Farms

"The values that FamilyFarms has and what they’re offering for us, it’s what we want. It’s worth the investment to invest in ourselves, essentially." 

Michael & Kyle Bates, Bates Next Generation Farming Inc.

"We kind of all decided with FamilyFarms Group’s future goal and kind of our future goal that it would be a good partnership, and we decided to join on as a team and see where it would take us both." 


Contact us today to learn more about the ways FamilyFarms Group can help your business and how you can become a member! 

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