Case Studies From the Field

FamilyFarms Group aims to deliver growth, sustainability, and peace of mind. Our case studies prove competency in the areas of improving family farms in the areas of

  • Operations management
  • Opportunities for next generation
  • Keeping the acres we have
  • Landowner retention
  • Increased time with family
  • Hiring professional employees
  • Attracting and retaining employees


What Our Members Say

Just how do our members benefit?

Great question! Check out real-life stories and learn how teaming up with FamilyFarms Group changed the landscape of these farm operations by providing the tools, training, and resources needed to make farm improvements and keep family legacies alive for generations to come. Whatever your need, count on FamilyFarms Group—a partner you can trust.

It’s a great time to team up!

Operations Management | FamilyFarms Group
The Challenge Specific to the Operations Manager position, this family farm operation already had a good person in the role, someone with op..
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Attracting and Retaining Employees
The Challenge Like many operations, hiring employees was not one of this farm’s strengths. They did not have a hiring process or know how to..
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Hiring Professional Employees | FamilyFarms Group
The Challenge Like many operations, they were facing challenges and time constraints in handling their day to day financials. The growth of ..
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Increased Time With Family | FamilyFarms Group
The Challenge The Mehmen’s situation is likely familiar to a majority of the mid to large size farms across North America. Their adherence t..
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Landowner Retention
The Challenge The owners and employees of the operation try to take great care of their landowners – they are timely with field work, except..
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Keeping the Acres We Have
The Challenge With over 170 landowners, it is difficult for Indy Family Farms to know what is most important to each and every landowner so ..
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Opportunities for the Next Generation
The Challenge The husband and wife had just split their operation from a brother the previous year and hence were farming 3,300 acres. Then ..
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Vendor Discounts
FamilyFarms Group Value Network Delivers Significant ROI The primary purpose of FamilyFarms Group value network is to support the success of..
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Seed Treatment
FamilyFarms Group Value-Network Creates Huge ROI on Soybean Seed Treater When it comes to planting, farmers have a multitude of factors to c..
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